In episode 1 we sat down for a roundtable discussion with Seattle-based activists and a concerned citizen of the area to discuss Black Lives Matter. We explored the positive and negative impacts of the organization, discussed the possibilities of advancement of the black community, and learned how everyone can come together with one voice, even if they have a different message.


Nikayla Rice

Joy Gawaran Randall


Nikayla Rice is a passionate Community Organizer focused on diversity and racial justice, with a background that has consistently been characterized by an unwavering, steadfast dedication to enhancing social awareness and improving 'cause-based' organizational performance, expressed and funded primarily through her artwork.
She possesses a proven ability to leverage her communication, presentation, and leadership talents and attempts to make significant contributions in community building and outreach. As a Co-Founder of Eastside Embrace since March 2020, she has developed safe spaces for black and brown voices in King and Snohomish County. If you are interested in learning more Please go to

Joy Gawaran Randall is a first generation immigrant from the Philippines, who came to the U.S. with her parents at the age of 2. She grew up in Michigan and earned a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan. She specialized in medical social work starting in nephrology then eventually worked in hospice. Growing up in a predominately White area, Joy experienced feeling separated through racism and assimilated to the majority culture in order to be accepted. Once in college, she learned to love herself and her Filipina heritage with a passion for social justice. Joy currently lives in Redmond, WA with her husband and 2 children and is actively focusing on equity and racial justice work in the school district her children attend, as well as supporting local activists and groups fighting for Black lives.