We aren't actors. I am here to learn and my friends are here to help me.

My name is Sean O'Dell. I'm a white man that was introduced to the black culture very early in life by my best friend. As I got older, it's where I became most comfortable. But, with age also came the understanding that I can never fully understand black culture or what it means to live as a person of color in the United States.

But that doesn't mean I shouldn't try...

With the help of my friends, rap artists Seven Da Pantha & Orlando "Sikk" Simmons, Mr.PhillyInfo - Steve Smith, and my production partner Eric America, I will explore the pains, victories, trials, tribulations, fears, and pride the black culture has experienced and continues to experience every day.

We will travel the United States exploring these issues in different areas. We will interview experts in history, soldiers on the front lines of the war for racial equality, and regular citizens that are trying so hard to bring peace and pride to their communities through business, art, and creativity.

Our entertainment company, Echo Limitless, is deeply embedded in the hip-hop community. So as we travel, we will be conducting a series of concerts, starring the cast, in the areas that we visit to promote the show and it's message. 

Although I can never fully understand this culture that I have come to love so much, I hope that our journey will bring awareness to some of the battles that have been fought. 

My name is Sean O'Dell and I am Cultureless.


Seven Da Pantha (aka Young Bunchy Carter) is a transplant from the East Coast and a seasoned activist. After joining the African-American Society in high school, Seven went on to be a part of or lead several movements, including a stint as President of the NC branch of INPDUM. Currently a member of Black Riders Liberation Party, Seven is still releasing music inspired by the people and the struggle. From throwing blows with the Klan in North Carolina to marching with the family of slain Tacoma man Manny Ellis, Da Pantha's dedication to the liberation of his people is undying. Seven brings the militant perspective into full display for Cultureless, a stark contrast to the "peaceful protests" of the past.

Steve is Plumber coming out of

Philadelphia. Being born in the Raymond Rosen Projects and moving around from one area to another around Philly. He was considered a jokester, but was in the Honors Society all through school. He was often caught debating to gain the truth, whether it be with a teacher, a student, or anyone else. He never cared about being popular, just as long as he was fighting for what was right. He may come off as rude, but that is because he doesn't pull his punches when it comes to the truth.

He is a Christian, a husband, a father, a master plumber, a mentor, a comedian, and fearless.

Sikk Simmons is a Hip hop artist and aspiring activist from the Pacific northwest. Looking to bring light to various social issues, he seeks the historical context of current events and hopes to find a common ground for its problems. Linking with the fellow cast has been beneficial to the growth in his research and development.

Orlando is the often the quiet one in the group, as he takes in all of the information, but when he is ready to speak on the topic, he comes with compassion, understanding, and thought to make sure the world listens.

Sean O'Dell is the Creative Director for Big City Grind Media, Video Producer and Film Director for Echo Limitless, and is the Owner and Operator of S.O.S. - Sean O'Dell Studios.

He grew up in a diverse area where he began to explore other cultures through literature and live events, but his biggest influence was his best friend of thirty years, Shane.

His biggest passions are fighting against the exploitation of animals and the fight for the equality of all races in the United States through petitioning, group support, and creative alliance to those fighting to make the world a better place for everyone.

Never stop learning.